About 'The Players'

Formed in 1971 by a handful of enthusiasts as part of the newly formed SCA (Sedgefield Community Association), Sedgefield Players set high, professional standards but also have a great deal of fun putting on shows. The hard work and camaraderie involved is extremely therapeutic, whether on stage, back stage or front-of-house. New members are always welcome; no auditioning necessary.


Just come along to our regular meetings in Sedgefield Parish Hall at 7:30 p.m. every Sunday and Wednesday. Our youth section SPYS meets every Sunday at 6:30 p.m. also in the Parish Hall. (For more information on them, see SPYS)


If you`d like to act, make costumes, build sets, operate lights or sound effects, sell programmes or make coffee – come and join us ! You`ll have a great time ! Or maybe you`d be happy to come along to the Parish Hall and enjoy excellent live theatre.

We produce full-length plays in March, June and November, a pantomime at Christmas and, in September, a Festival of One Act Plays. (For further information, see Drama Festival) The Players have gained numerous awards over the years, both at Sedgefield Festival and others, including Saltburn, Wakefield and the Isle of Man.

More about 'The Players'

Supporting Sedgefield Players Charity

We promote, improve, develop and maintain public education and appreciation of dramatic performance.

a) The presentation of public performances of plays.

b) The education and training of both adult and youth members of the public, up to recognised qualification standards, by way of workshop programmes and similar activities.

c) To engage in other exclusively charitable activities, as the Committee may decide, from time to time.

d) Our group is open to anyone aged 7 or above. There are no auditions. Members indicate their availability for forthcoming productions by signing lists.

Why the community needs us

We have been in existence for 44 years and we are a Section and Founder Member of Sedgefield Community Association. We provide an outlet for anyone in our community with a love of theatre, to become involved, in any capacity, in our 5 main productions each year. We stage plays in March, June and November and a Pantomime between Christmas and New Year. In addition, we host a Drama Festival of One Act Plays each September, with a G.O.D.A. adjudicator, attracting groups from the much wider region.

Our impact on the community

We are an award-winning Drama Group, highly regarded both locally and nationally. We measure the benefits to the community through customer satisfaction and ticket sales. Our fundraising projects ensure that we develop our home base, Sedgefield Parish Hall, into a top-rate, versatile, working entertainment venue, suitable for any kind of entertainment, offering a comprehensive and dedicated system of production. This is highly desirable to all members of the community, both users and patrons.



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